Monday, May 01, 2006

Rock Star or Resource Center

When building a web strategy to get you noticed online, there are two broad approaches you can take. Which approach you choose depends on the client, the product or service and what you want to accomplish. Resource Center - This is building up your website with so much great information that people come back regularly. They benefit from your free information and at some point will buy something from you, but maybe not today. Rock Star - The resource center is more help oriented. The Rock Star also produces regular, interesting information but is more centered around one person as the expert. This person can be more opinionated and the primary goal is to build up that person as a leader in the industry.

For a company, the safer approach is to have a resource center that can be maintained even if the writer quits. For an entrepreneur, the Rock Star approach is better because they are the face of the company.

In some cases, companies may want to develop a Corporate Evangelist to be the rock star, but they should know what they are going to do when that person moves on.

If you cannot put your website into one of these two categories, you probably have a corporate brochure or a mess. Either way it will not create the kind of buzz you seek.