Friday, May 19, 2006

Buzz in Germany

I hired Marion to work with us for a month on finances. He then went to Germany. He is a recent graduate looking for a marketing job with an big, international company. He is interesting because he combines strong quick books and accounting skills with marketing. Here is the email he sent. [Yes, I was the one that made him start a blog] Hi Ron, Just wanted to drop a line and let you know the address to my Blog It details my daily experiences here, which really are great! Unfortunately, I am not able to keep it quite as current as I would like, given all the German beer I am consuming in conjunction with our tight schedule. Oh, and I can't forget. I spoke to someone in Germany who had already heard about your company. Yes, you're international presence is quite impressive. His name was Jason, and he is a Kent State student (computer science) interning here in Dresden. He said he's heard good things about Liquid Learning. [Buzzoodle Parent Company] Schuss, Marion