Saturday, May 20, 2006

DC Book Expo America 2006

At the Book Expo America in DC this weekend. Why should you blog and how it is related? About a year ago David Lorenzo of Career Intensity emailed me and said he liked my blog and the theme. He asked me to review his book and I was happy to. Around the same time, Phil Gerbyshak of Make it Great emailed me and we got to know each other over time. I also reviewed his upcoming book. They also met each other through blogging. David has a booth at the expo and he could get more tickets than he was planning on using, so he invited both of us to the Career Intensity Book as exhibitors. So this weekend we all met in person for the first time. So I traveled from Ohio, Dave from New York City and Phil from Wisconsin. It's been a blast and we have been all getting to know each other. - And selling some books for dave, and making some buzz and connections for ourselves.... It was also smart on Dave's part. Extra sales people at no extra cost. That is why you build advocates before you need them and then give them something to talk about and a fun way to do it. Thanks Dave.