Thursday, April 20, 2006

Phil Gerbyshak

Creating great channels and flows that lead back to your blog and website are important for creating buzz and getting noticed. The funny thing is, the more of these you build, the more you have additional lenses, articles, pr to cultivate also. We no longer care just about website stats, but blog stats, Squidoo Lens stats, diggs, etc. A friend of mine that is a fellow blogger went above and beyond when he not only helped out with our squidoo lens by visiting it, but posted it on his blog too. All from a quick email He is one of those people that I have never met, but because of his blog, his 2 lens: Make It Great and PhilGerb, and being a very positive, communicative person, I have gotten to know him fairly well. We will be meeting at the Book Expo next month thanks to David Lorenzo, another great blogger, who is getting us tickets. How well do your blog and website visitors know you?