Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hunters, Gatherers and Buzz - How do you do a Career Fair?

Today we did a career fair. We are fairly desperate for employees due to fantastic growth and it was an important event for us. This time we did it right. We assigned a hunter, a gatherer and created buzz. The hunter walked the room sizing up the other booths as possible clients, talking to applicants in the aisles, and did everything she could to draw people's attention to our booth. Another person was the gatherer. She stayed at the booth and was friendly and encouraged people to talk to her. Then to create buzz we gave away cooler things than everyone else. 10 Copies of Career Intensity, Buzzoodle T-Shirts and fortune Cookies (courtesy of David Lorenzo.) Not only did the applicants want the book, but so did many of the vendors there. I guess a lot of people want to upgrade their jobs. If you are thinking about doing a career fair, do it well and make sure you give at least one copy of this book away. It brought a lot of people up to the booth.