Monday, April 10, 2006

Create more buzz at events: Become a Peripheral Host

Have you ever been someplace that you did not know anyone? Become a peripheral host. A peripheral host is a person who takes it upon themselves to greet, take care of, and introduce to others, any person who seems like they have also not been there before or know many people. If I wrote, “Don’t worry about it. Own the room.” We would know that is easier said than done for many people. However, if you take the mindset that it is your job to be the host of the people that do not walk in and do not immediately gravitate to a group of people, you will soon find yourself meeting many people. This especially works well in a large group, such as a conference, seminar or larger networking group where not everyone knows each other yet. The funny thing about this is that people will assume, just from being hospitable, that you are involved in organizing the event. Most people walk into a large group atmosphere and start looking for clues as to what they are supposed to do. If they know people, they will gravitate to them because people that have been there longer will know what to do. If they do not know people, they will start to graze, moving about the room looking at things, getting a drink, etc. while they scope the room out. Few people go to an event like this and do not want to meet other people. Take the initiative as if this person just walked through the front door of your home. Ask them a few questions and introduce them to the other people you have met. It will go quickly. Within a short time, people will think you know everything about the event and all the people at it. You will be all the buzz.