Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Being the Highest Bid

Of the 4 quotes I got, yours was the highest by a lot. You're hired. Recently I have had the fortune to help put together several quotes. In the past, we have not been as busy and were always more worried about getting the work. Over the last year, the buzz and word of mouth have kicked in to the point were we are booked and hiring. We have also gotten our message honed to the point that people understand we care as much about their success as they do. Recently, we did several quotes. In two cases we came in the highest in a group of 3 and a group of 4. The person for the group of four asked us to reconsider the quote, because he really liked what we had to say but it was hard to justify the additional expense. Two of us went out, reviewed the quote in detail with him, and added about 35% more to the cost for some additional work. It looks like we are getting this job. It is very interesting that you can come in the highest and still get the job. It came down to something very simple. We could build him software for much less, but we could not make him successful in achieving his goals for less, and we insist in only working on realistic, goal and revenue driven projects. You can create a lot of buzz and not compete just on price if you put your clients success first, and forget about the product you are selling for a minute.