Thursday, February 02, 2006

SEO and Metaphors

Why are metaphors an important element in your SEO toolbag? First: Why am I talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Because when you blog and publish article online, you are hoping to create some buzz. The more people find your articles and blog posts, the more they will spread what you are doing, if it is good stuff. You can always come up with new approaches to your area of expertise. However, you will probably write with much the same language and that will not help you reach a wider audience as much. Writing a blog post or article that uses metaphors to illustrate your point expands the vocabulary of your site and will attract some additional visitors over time. They may not be the optimum keyword visitors, but just because they are looking for pudding recipes does not mean they may not be interested in Buzz Marketing. I do not mean search engine spamming here. (Using keywords falsely to attract unwitting web surfers.) I mean being creative with your articles and expanding your vocabulary to create more roads to your website and also create a more artistic and emotional response to your writing. Isn't the web itself just a metaphor for a bunch of computers that are connected? So how is buzz and word of mouth marketing like pudding? You take quality products like milk and pudding mix and you get an advocate (known as the beater) and you mix it up until the loose stuff becomes more substantial and tasty.

Weak, I know. But you get the idea.

PS: Google search Buzz Marketing Pudding Recipe in a few weeks. I will own that one!