Monday, February 27, 2006

Buzz - Know where you stand

I was coming back from a meeting today and lost a belt on my car. I limped into a random place in downtown Akron and knew I was at their mercy. What a pleasant surprise. I am always skeptical about an auto repair place, but The Parrish - McIntyre Tire Company helped me push the car in, fixed it in an hour, and only charged me $86. Consider that I was at their mercy and in a tie, and they knew they could have gotten away with charging me much more. As I talked to the guy running the place, he told me about how this was one of their shops that they bought. They did not know it when they bought it, but it had a terrible reputation. They have worked hard since the purchase to change that reputation to one of high standards. Everyone deals with word of mouth. These guys may not have a website, but they understood it very well.