Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Not the Story YOU Care About

All too often when I meet with people they think they know what their success stories and buzz stories are. It reminds me of another thing I noticed over the years: Every time I worked somewhere, someone would always comment that a movie should be made about their workplace. Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Book Stores... Everyone thinks their particular brand of the human condition is special. I am guessing that is why The Office is doing so well. They finally did make that movie. The truth is, people outside the organization do not care about what you think they care about. Your story should do the following:
  • Make them want to tell others
  • Give them a behind the scenes peek
  • Give them intellectual capital that they can spend
  • Make them seem smarter
  • Make them say wow
  • Appeal to their personality traits

What would make your story make me want to tell my friends?