Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Free Meat and a Tough Act to Follow

If you have an opinion please express it in the comments area. I just heard from Peter Hall and he is not happy about the accusations that he is conducting a SCAM. Here was his reply (3/27/2006) : ------------------- I can tell you this...North Coast, under my supervision, gives $1000's of dollars worth of free product to teachers EVERY SINGLE WEEK without any expectation of return revenues. Teachers across America, use $100's of dollars of their own money for student supplies/functions/events/etc. every year without being reimbursed. We are committed to giving back to teachers in the form of gift You, yourself, saw the buffet of free gift boxes that were to be given to the teachers. While some teachers purchase (at cost!), no teachers are ever obligated to purchase in order to receive free boxes. Ron...I do this every day now. It was such a hit on that over-shipment, we have opened a division just for the sake of giving boxes. We get our "write offs", the teachers get freebies, and overall, it gives to the spirit of the community. I hope you will pass this news on to all that could benefit from our generosity. ----------------------------- This was posted one week before: I just got a report that this person is conducting a SCAM and ripping off teachers. I am leaving the post in tact so that if it happens to you or you meet him, you are aware of what is going on. Here is the email I got. ------------------------------ The man you are praising is a scam artist!!!! He goes around to schools and delivers the same pitch to everyone. I find it hard to believe that they have so many problems with their orders since they ordered too much in December too. Many of our employees ordered from him and did not get what they were promised. When we contacted Mr. Hall he made promises to compensate us with free hams, chicken and shrimp. That was 3 months ago!! We have yet to see the products. He says he'll show up on Friday and never shows up or calls. When we call to see what happened he acts like he's never heard from us. Did you ever try to get on his web site? You can't because it doesn't exist. Try going to the address given by the Better Business Bureau. It's an vacant office. Don't fall for his scam. He is a liar and a cheat. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but I don't want anyone to have to go through the experience we've gone through. You may want to rethink your blog. Sincerely, A very disgruntled customer of Peter Hall and The Northcoast Gourmet Company ------------------ I just got back from a presentation at a high school. Before I spoke, Peter Hall of North Coast Gourmet Company came in and told the story of how his company ordered 10x the amount of shrimp, chicken and fillet that was supposed to be ordered.

He then announced it was all free for the teachers. No strings attached, no collecting names, just free.

He said he wanted to turn a negative into a positive.

The funny thing is, did he imagine a buzz marketing expert would be in the audience and want to blog about his generous buzz? No. He just wanted to help some people out.

I do not have a website to forward you to, but his phone number is 440-221-0565 if you want to call him and say nice job.

I had to present after him. I did not like having to follow free meat. Everyone just wanted to finish up and get their fillet.