Monday, February 13, 2006

$10,000 and 8 Years

In 1997 I was working at Ernst & Young. We had a new baby and things were going just fine. I am never a big fan of fine though, so I shook things up. Some family and friends invested $10,000 and I left my job to build a revolutionary education system. Of course, that was very naive of me. I was out of money in three months. Now I have 4 companies and have launched a revolutionary education system with my daughter, who is 8 now. - Not what I expected, but in many ways better. Nothing has gone as planned, but the journey has been spectacular. Buzzoodle is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and connecting. About doing something remarkable. About not settling for fine. This morning it hit me how important that $10,000 was. It gave me the courage to change my road. Take a moment to think about how the small things you do today for someone can effect their life years from now. This is true with creating buzz, connecting people and with just being kind.