Monday, March 27, 2006

What is your Buzz Impact Score?

Your Buzz Impact Score is how likely someone you just met is likely to tell someone they know about you. Read each description and rate yourself 1-5. 5 is highest, meaning an exact description of you, and 1 means the description is could not be further from the truth. _____ My style of dress is unlike anyone else's I know. _____ I always Google someone before I meet them and know as much as possible about them. _____ My conversations are daring. I tell people what I am passionate about and try to find out interesting things about others. _____ I like to listen to others and laugh out loud often when they say something funny. _____ People often say I am enthusiastic and full of energy. _____ I love to network and meet people, even if I have no hope of selling them something. _____ I enjoy introducing 2 people that I know would like to meet each other. _____ When I have the chance to meet an influential person, I jump at the chance and introduce myself. _____ I am not afraid to empathize with people I meet. _____ Because I have done some adventurous things in the past, I have plenty of interesting stories and knowledge. ---------------------------------------- Add up the score. If you scored a 40 or higher, you are going to be talked about, but if you are not careful, you may monopolize the conversation and leave the person you met feeling pillaged. If you scored a 34 to 39, you are well balanced, enthusiastic and fun. People will most likely remember you, even after a few beers. If you scored a 25 to 33, you have spurts of fun involvement but generally feel more comfortable among the safety of friends. Try meeting new people more frequently and read more about networking blogs. If you scored below a 25, you definitely need to take more chances and get to know more people beyond your immediate circle. If you are not comfortable with getting to know people in person, the web is a great way to meet people. Just be sure to have lunch with someone new once in a while too. This Personal Assessment is highly scientific and not to be used for fun or leisure. The fact that it was developed in 15 minutes in bed when I could not come up with a better blog post does not have anything to do with its accuracy or effectiveness as a tool to assess all of your employees and fire the less popular or more flamboyant ones.