Friday, March 03, 2006

Viral Marketing Effort

I was talking with Steve Smith today after a presentation of mine he attended. He was telling me about how a start up is signing up people for their text phone pay system. They have an interesting viral effort going on and I am just posting Steve's email (with permission) to illustrate what they are doing and how they are getting people to sign up. Steve is a Microsoft partner. -------------------- Ron, Michelle and I enjoyed the presentation this morning, good job! We came away with a few new ideas for our sites and business, so it was definitely worthwhile for us. I hope I didn't step on your toes at all with my input. Regarding the TextPayMe thing, it's an interesting buzz marketing technique they are using. They're basically a startup and they're getting a very wide number of people to talk about them by giving away XBox 360's to anybody who can generate 36 leads within a certain time frame. It's harder than it sounds - I think they will end up giving away about 10 of the systems for the most recent promotion (ending March 18th). So, for $3000 they are getting a tremendous number of referrals and leads. Personally, I need about 8 more leads to win an XBox. My blog entry about the service is here: ASP Blog My referral link is: Text Pay Me If you'd care to sign up with that link (and anybody else in your office), you get $5 for doing so that you can play with and test out the service (basically let's you send up to $500 to others via SMS text messaging, which you confirm via a phone callback and a PIN number -- it's like PayPal for phones). Email me a link to anything you post, and I'll link back to you in a post later today or this weekend. Thanks, Steve PS - Let's try to meet regarding the text link project some time next week, perhaps we could invite you and Yasir to our office or something. -- Steven Smith President, ASPAlliance LLC ( Microsoft Regional Director