Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How is your pre-sale sell?

I am in a group of business professionals that meets every two weeks to review business issues and each time one person does an extensive presentation. We do help each other grow their network as well, when there is a good fit. This Friday, Richard Henry is presenting and he sent out PDF documents, personalized for each recipient, which details what his company does and what kind of companies he helps. I have to say, the pre-sell before the presentation is just excellent. Instead of showing up and listening and thinking about who he might be interested in meeting, I can do my homework and go in with concrete leads and contacts for him. I find his approach very effective to get people to act. Several times in the 5 page document he lists his number and invites you to call him with referrals, if they match his target. Now if I do not come up with some interesting people to introduce to him, it can only be because I am lazy.