Monday, March 06, 2006

2 Minutes or 15 Minutes

I get a lot of calls from people that want to know more about what we do. If you call about Internet Marketing, SEO, eCommerce you will probably talk to someone smarter than me in our organization. If you call about Buzz or Word of Mouth Marketing, you will find yourself in a long discussion with me. Many of the callers simply do not have the budget for our services, but I still usually talk for a while. I can rarely hold back the urge to brain storm a bit as well. Even though sales people probably think I am giving away the farm, I do find there is a big difference between the 2 Minute conversation and the 15 minute conversation. For example:
  • I learn a lot more
  • I get referrals months later
  • I get invitations to speak
  • I meet interesting people
  • I let myself enjoy talking to the caller and laugh freely
  • I talk about cheaper resources they can us, such as books they could read

Those are just some of the things I get out of not screening my calls too severely.