Monday, March 06, 2006

Career Intensity - Why you have to watch.

In my opinion, David Lorenzo is doing everything right in marketing his first book, Career Intensity. He is building relationships that will make it a smash success. He also has written a book that will appeal to most professionals, although maybe not the business owners all the time. Empowering employees does have risks, after all. This will be fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. Disclosure: I am not being paid by David, but I have agreed to help him promote it because he has gotten to know me over the last year and I like what his book has to say. Here is an interview I did via email. I got him to talk about his strategy in creating online buzz. Career Intensity Interview with Dave Lorenzo This is your first book. What are you doing to create a buzz around its release? Buzz sells books so I’m doing many traditional things as well as many things that are unique to Web 2.0. We have a terrific publicist promoting the book like crazy to print and trade press, TV and radio but I’m most excited about the things I’m doing on the Internet. The Career Intensity Blog is gaining popularity each day. I also have many friends who blog – like you – who have agreed to read the book and tell their readers what they think about it. If you know any bloggers who want to read the book, let me know. After the release of the book I’ll be posting podcasts and video on demand on The Career Intensity site. My team is all fired up about the video portion of what we will be doing. We want to make it like Rocketboom for careers. It will probably be a once every couple of weeks to start but we hope it gains momentum and becomes a more frequent thing. We’re also taking a contingent of people to Book Expo America (BEA) for the official release of the book. BEA is the largest trade show for the book industry in the world and we secured a boot right in the middle of everything. We’ll be doing podcasts and live blogging the whole thing. Who knows which authors will stop by the booth? It will be full of surprises. We’re literally coming up with new things every day. How did you come up with the idea for Career Intensity? I have always been fascinated by success. Throughout my career I have studied successful people so that I could model their behavior. At some point I became a good listener and people began to ask me for career advice. In writing Career Intensity I just imagined having a conversation with a friend who wanted to “build the perfect career”. What did the cycle of continuous career improvement come from? It really came from the conversations I had with superachievers (highly successful people). They all work constantly to assess their current situation, create value and demonstrate value. They do this over and over again. What about the 4 types of workers you found in society? Where did they come from? I created these 4 archetype work personalities so that people could understand the challenges (and ultimately the potential) related to just showing up for work everyday. Just showing up and staying with one company for a long time is not enough anymore. Now everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur – even if you work in a corporate environment. The entrepreneur’s mindset of value-creation is a necessary component for success in today’s business world. You encourage people to look at themselves as a brand. Why is this necessary? If you want to achieve your career goals, you need to influence the perception of others. You’re essentially selling yourself everyday – either to customers or to coworkers and your boss. Your brand is the perception others have of you in their minds. You need to understand how you want others to perceive you and then go about creating that perception. The key is that your brand represents the “true you”. The challenge is to uncover what is great about you and make sure people know about it. Tell me about creating personal buzz. Why is that important? Buzz is the ultimate form of advertising. It is powerful and contagious. The challenge for each of us is to get people to talk about us in a positive way. Because of its personal nature – spreading from one person to another – buzz has a dramatic impact. In the context of your career, you want to create positive buzz and you want it to spread quickly.