Thursday, July 14, 2005

Influential People and Word of Mouth

I would like to pose a new question to the word of mouth and buzz marketing community. Instead of targeting your message to the influential folk (The top 10% of people that the other 90% of people tend to listen to) is it not possible to create some influential people? Let me explain a bit better. To become influential, you have to believe what you are talking about, not be afraid to tell people about it, and to have an ever-growing circle of people that want to listen to you, at least on the topic that you are a perceived expert on. So if I look at 100 people, (lets assume employees) and I have regular access to them, can I train and challenge all of them to be (at least) a little more influential and won't a certain percentage discover how much fun it is and become extremely influential? Now, as employees, you have helped them achieve this state and life is better, and they are now happier with the company, and they have more people that will listed to them. What is the impact on the company? Good to great, I am guessing. And it is a gift that will keep on giving. What traits would an employee have when they move from less to more influential in their social circles?
  • Better attitude and customer service at work
  • Feels more included in the company
  • Feels more pride and appreciation for the company
  • Spreads the word about what a great place it is
  • Becomes a more valuable resource to the employer

If you are already familiar with the advocate thinking, consider how a slower, but steady effort to make your entire workstaff move in this direction would effect your company. Please leave your comments.

Buzzoodle will be starting studies to measure this very soon. Contact us if you are interested in participating.