Thursday, July 21, 2005

DIY Buzz Campaign

The first thing to do in a DIY Buzz Campaign is clarify your message and the actions you want people to take.
  1. What story or message are you trying to propagate?
  2. What action do you want your audience to take?
  3. What are things about you or your products that are interesting and repeatable?
  4. What would make your message flow from person to person?
  5. What makes your group different and special?
  6. Who is most likely to care about your story and repeat it?

Dick Wright ( is a great example of a story that is easy to repeat. He told me a year ago about how he walked in and found his boss dead in his chair years back. Now he sells AED's and is very passionate about it. He has a great story that is easy to repeat. I have told many people about him.

When I met him, I had already heard about him from another source who was talking about him. We made an instant connection because I said "I just heard about you from someone at an event." The buzz around him pulled things together much more quickly.