Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why Smart Employees Create Buzz

The Employee as Advocate It is obvious that organizations benefit from employees creating buzz. How do the employees and other advocates benefit? The reality is that employees who create buzz for an organization benefit in many ways.

  • The organization has more success which provides employee with more security.
  • Employees that contribute more to organization’s success could expect more opportunities and rewards in the future.
  • A work atmosphere that encourages buzz is frequently a more open and fun environment.
  • Creating buzz gives employees an opportunity to learn about and use new technologies and improve communication skills.
  • Employees who become active buzz creators become can become respected as industry experts over time and may get invited to speak and write.
  • Employees who are good buzz creators will have other opportunities from within an organization and from outside as well.
  • Good buzz creators tend to know more people and can accomplish more in life via their extensive network.

Remember it is a win/win situation. Sell yourself, sell your expertise and sell your employer.