Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Stuff vs. Better Stuff: How feature creep effects buzz and your future?

This is a buzz marketing note to those technology entrepreneurs out there. Feature Creep is when people keep asking for new features and you keep adding them for clients. You end up with a bloated system that is difficult to manage. It is easy for entrepreneurs to fall into a trap. The trap is in your mind when you rationalize that it is a good idea because it will make the product better. It is also difficult for new entrepreneurs to say no. The simple truth is, you should listen to your clients and you should consider every suggestion, but keep some simple things in mind.
  • People buy software that they understand and can easily use. Not because the software has 100’s of features.
  • Better software that is easy to use and easy to achieve results with, will be sticky and generate buzz.
  • If you continue to add features but not improve the base product, you will end up with a support nightmare at some point as you try to support many features that each have a few users and are mediocre.
  • Just because one person wants it does not mean everyone wants it.
  • Just because you can do it does not mean you should.

Feature Creep is a big Buzz Marketing issue, believe it or not. Buzz and Word of Mouth happens for products that are easy to use and have a surprisingly big benefit. If you are a technology entrepreneur focus on making a great product and choose your new features wisely, and you will be on your way to generating the sales you dream of.