Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reenergize your advocates

Whether you have a small group of people that care about your success or a world cup soccer stadium full of raving, fanatical fans, it is always good to reenergize your base whenever possible. How do you do this? Ideally, you have a way to contact people that are fans of yours. It may be an email list, it could be a newsletter and it could be doing presentations at regular networking or social groups. How do you reenergize them?

  • New product release
  • Big Success Story
  • Discount offered for referrals only
  • Contest
  • Survey

For example, for the last week I have been doing marketing research on the mock up’s of our new book cover. People stay after meetings just to participate and one person today said “Make sure you let us help you promote it.” (As if I will say no….) Don’t assume people are keeping you top of mind. Having something new and interactive will help you energize that base and get people to actively think about you again.