Thursday, July 13, 2006

Creating Buzz with your Existing Customers

Yesterday I was talking to one of our long time clients. He is enamored with a new feature in our Outstanda eMarketing solution that allows him to build databases on the fly. I am worried he is going to spend his whole weekend building simple data forms. As I was guiding him through some of the special features he asked if there is a way to do a grid. Why not use surveys? I asked. Those are just for eNewsletters, aren't they? He asked back. No, You can do huge research projects with this thing..... He'd been a client for years and never realized some of the key features and products he had under his nose and free for him to use. Within 24 hours of finding this out, he was so excited he was out creating buzz and sent us a referral. My point is this: Make sure your existing customers know everything you do, even if they do not need everything you do today.