Friday, September 24, 2010

Business Leads with Wordpress Blogs


One of the main reasons we developed an enterprise business blogging software system on Wordpress is because the search engines like Google eat up Wordpress sites.

Wordpress is an opensource blog software system that makes online publishing easy.  It has a huge number of themes and plugins and you can get them to do nearly anything you need.

Wordpress is also a free download.

But business blog software is a software system that has a clear business purpose, and many blogs built with Wordpress are for hobbies and personal use.

The items to making Wordpress become an effective business blogging platform is to use it as a lead generation system.  This is easy when you have a clear call to action, targeted keywords and an enterprise blog system that interfaces with Wordpress, such as this lead generation system.

The thing that makes the centralized blog software so important is that the system helps you focus on keywords better, create faster content, leverage inbound linking that will improve search engine indexing and search rank position and lastly also integrates social media systems to produce links and content across many diverse sites.

This strategy has been shown to produce huge profits for companies that do a good job with it and work the system for long enough.