Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Build a Lead Generation Business


There are big differences from building a lead generation business and just generating lead for your products or services you sell.  You have a business and your online lead generation is simply another source of new customers.  If you want to build a lead generation business it is a whole different story.

When you are building your lead generation business you are doing something that is more complex.  For example, while a CRM works well for a single business, it is not a good tool to capture and sell leads to multiple clients.  Instead of using an autoresponder or a CRM you are going to have to buy or build specialized lead capture software.

Then, not only do you have to capture leads, but you also need to sell your servcies to people that are willing to buy leads on a regular basis.

Also you are going to have to support the client\'s including refunds and problems.

Also, while our aaaablogging strategy for lead generation is effective for most of our clients, it would not necessarily produce sufficient leads to support the level of leads you would need to support many clients and many industries for your lead generation business.

We can be one important avenue to generate leads, but you are also going to have to master paid ads, advertising and other avenues of traffic to build a profitable lead generation business.

It can be done but remember that it is not fast and easy to build a lead generation business that will be profitable.