Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Word of Mouth and Buzz Marketing

In case you are wondering what Buzzoodle does: Organizations that want to increase sales and visibility by creating buzz and word of mouth use Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing. Buzzoodle helps them energize and focus their advocates while measuring and improving upon the buzz created. Buzzoodle Philosophy: Create sustainable, steady new buzz with an organization’s existing advocates, including employees and customers. This leads to high visibility and more customers without directly marketing to them. Buzzoodle specializes is small business and mid-sized business success via a low cost, high impact strategy of creating intentional buzz. Buzzoodle is a catalyst to help organizations achieve better results through strategic planning and services. What does Buzzoodle offer?

Corporate-wide Evangelism is the surest way to help the company and the individuals succeed. Buzzoodle can show you how: www.Buzzoodle.com