Friday, September 01, 2006

Hedge Hog Training Facility

This is an example of doing the right thing. Sure, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society wishes it would have been done sooner, but McDonald's did do the right thing. What are some of the wrong things McDonalds could have done?
  • Ignored them forever.
  • Tried to open a free Hedge Hog Training Facility that would teach hedge hogs the buddy system so if one got in trouble the other would pull him out.
  • Genetically engineer hedge hogs to not like sweets.
  • Eliminate the contaner for their McFlurry. It becomes a handful of ice cream.
  • Claim hedge hogs are a pest and they are doing the world a favor.
  • Start selling hedge hog strips so the dead hedge hogs do not go to waste.

Why didn't McDonalds see this coming you ask? I don't know either. But now if I were McDonalds I would take a page from the book of those line-caught tuna canneries and put a big emblem with "Hedge Hog Safe" on the side of the cup along with a website where people can find out more.

Side Note: Did that article give you the impression that England is full of litter and millions of wild hedge hogs too?