Friday, September 08, 2006

Technology Interview Questions - Create a Buzz

If you employee technology people, they often may not seem the most social or outgoing (compared to your sales staff, at least.) However, here are some interview questions for technical people that could uncover a wealth of buzz that you did not know could be tapped. #1 - How often do you participate in online communities? #2 - Do you use any collaborative news services where you post interesting stories and links for others to read? #3 - Do you publish code or write technical articles? Is doing that something that interests you? #4 - How big is your network? How many people do you know online? #5 - Do you have a blog? While many technology people will participate in these kinds of activities, they may not think to promote the business while doing it. You can use these interview questions to identify the potential, but you will probably need clear guidelines and expectations to be successful in creating buzz with your tech staff. If you have additional ideas for technology interview questions that help identify candidates with buzz potential, please add them to the comments on this post.