Saturday, August 02, 2008

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you looking for great Virtual Assistant Jobs?

One option is to specialize in Internet Marketing and become a virtual buzz assistant. Virtual Buzz Assistants can see virtual assistant jobs in the network and contact people looking for help with their internet marketing tasks.

Most virtual assistants say they do internet marketing, but it takes time and training to become really skilled as an internet marketer. That is why we formed the virtual assistant network for buzz creation.

The virtual buzz assistant network includes training, video, a forum, a virtual buzz assistant job board and a blog publishing system that makes it easy for a virtual assistant to publish articles on blogs for their clients.

There are many freelance sites and job boards, but the virtual buzz assistant network is a smaller group of people (think less competition) that get requests from people specifically interested in getting help with blogging, social media and internet marketing.

There are a few spots left at the current price and then it will close and the pricing will rise when it reopens. Probably my favorite aspect, beyond the work at home angle, is that as you become a more experienced virtual buzz assistant, you can charge more money per hour and you are honing your internet marketing skills. Eventually I expect that some people will get so good that they will start doing it for themselves and not do it for clients anymore.

Fun, easy and in high demand. You should take a look whether you want to be a virtual buzz assistant or if you want to post a virtual assistant job request on the network for FREE.