Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What can a Virtual Buzz Assistant do for you?

Virtual Buzz Assistant
You might wonder what a Virtual Assistant that specializes in buzz would do for you. Here are some ideas.

Blog Writing and Promotion

While many organizations create blogs, they often do not have the time to keep them updated. Writing a post each week for an organization is a good way for them to keep content at least semi-fresh and keep readers coming back.

List Development & Management

Managing and growing a list of email subscribers is one of the best investments an organization can make. Having help to make sure the list is grown well and contacted regularly helps organizations get more results.

Social Networking

Social Networks are often used by businesses to connect with consumers. Never hide your identity or intent, but many organizations pay virtual assistants to manage social network accounts on their behalf and keep them fresh.

Online Advocacy & PR

Contacting bloggers and writers and offering product samples, interview opportunities and interesting content is a great service a Virtual Buzz Assistant can provide. It builds links and word of mouth.

Resource Development

Writing good articles in places (Like Hubpages) that provide value and raise the visibility of the organization can be done every month.

Group Contacting

Online Groups can be contacted with special offers and free trials. Always contact the person in charge of the group and ask permission before just posting.

Employee Profile Management

Organizations with lots of employees sometimes hire Virtual Buzz Assistants to manage the profiles of employees online. An organization that has 100's of employees can generate a lot of visibility by having those profiles published in the many places where people put profiles.

Community Management

Participate and manage an online community that an organization wants to develop. The software is the easy part. Building active usage of an online community takes ongoing effort, perfect for a Virtual Buzz Assistant.

These are just some of the things that someone could do working from home as a Virtual Buzz Assistant. The ability to create buzz and engage an audience is in high demand. The low start up skills for this make it the perfect start up company for people that want to work from home and launch a business quickly - and with no gimmicks.

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