Friday, June 20, 2008

Buzzoodle Wins JohnCow

If you want to see the right way to do a contest, look at - I won a 10 hour audio blog mastery set - I just wish my Buzzoodle blog would have gotten a back link. 

Since the audio series is from Yaro Starak - who is a master blogger - I am thrilled.  I am sure the first hour or two will be… what is a blog, how to set up a blog, blah, …..but I expect to learn a lot from this full time blogger that is currently traveling the world and making money while blogging.

John Cow did a great job of documenting the creation of a new blog through its sale - all in about a month.  I am interested to see how much it sells for, because many hours went into making it a fast success - and anything short of $10,000 I would consider a bad investment of my time.  It is part of a challenge they have with another web expert.

You can see the current bid for the next few weeks at the top of the Johncow blog.