Sunday, April 13, 2008

Virtual Buzz Assistant - Hire One or Become One

For years, we have seen that companies want this service. They know they can create buzz themselves, but because of the many other responsibilities, they do not have the time or desire to stick to it long term.

You can hire a marketing agency or a Professional Buzz Marketing Expert, but that is going to be pricy and guess what they are going to do – They are going to put an assistant on the job creating buzz and visibility online every week.

So why not hire the assistant yourself?

Now you can.

The Virtual Buzz Assistant Network trains people to be effective buzz and marketing experts from their homes in their own businesses. It places companies like yours with the best Virtual Buzz Assistants to fit your needs.

The Virtual Buzz Assistant Network Members have passed a buzz ethics certification, are fluent in English and focus only on delivering the best Buzz and Internet visibility services. Traditional Virtual Assistants do all kinds of tasks. A Virtual Buzz Assistant has chosen to specialize in Internet and Buzz Marketing so you get the best results.

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