Sunday, June 26, 2005

What if they say something bad?

In case you have not noticed, we are getting a lot of Buzz. One question people keep asking is "What if some of my employees say bad stuff?" or "My employees do not want to do that. They are not sales people" I will write at length on this later, but keep in mind that you have control of how you use buzzoodle. I would not ask unhappy employees to use it, until they had heard from the happy ones that had been using it for a while how much fun it is. If I am in a huge organization, I would do a test with 100 enthusiastic employees at all levels. You can measure the results and see if it works well. (It does, but judge by your own results.) The key with Buzzoodle is it helps people evolve into better connected people that tell stories. Every employee will not use it, and some will use it poorly. The ones that do embrace it will be so powerful that you will not care much about the others. Even if just the sales staff used it, it would build buzz they never thought they could build before. Let me know what you think: