Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Buzz and Multiple Channels

This is probably obvious to larger companies with big budgets, but for companies that are smaller keep this in mind. Often with a tiny budget you are going to try one thing and wait, hoping it works. However, the most powerful thing that will draw people in is if they have head about you from several sources. Even if it was just in passing. Today the public expects to see a Burger King commercial 6 times a day. They do not expect to hear about a smaller business with much frequency. If you are memorable and reaching people's eyes and ears in different ways, they are going to feel they are missing out on something popular. Something everyone else is talking about. Something trendy. Several months ago I was sitting in a Panara having a meeting. Someone came in and knew the person I was sitting with. He greeted the person and introduced himself to me. It turned out earlier in the week another person I know had mentioned me to him. Now he felt left out. Why do all his friends know me but he is being kept out of the loop? The instant trust and credibility made it possible to move quickly through the process and get right to how we could help each other. This was before Buzzoodle, but very much in line with what Buzzoodle does. It gets people more actively broadcasting messages about you.