Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheap Hosting for Websites

Hosting a site or hosting your own blog is a critical part of your marketing.

Most people don't realize that Internet hosting of only one company website, or setting up a free blog, rarely produces good results.

Actually, the more ways people can land on the website the better your site will perform. If your websites have quality content, are useful and help your prospective customer, your site referrals and website requests will go up.

This article is about different site hosting companies that match any marketing budget and I do mean any level. The following post will cover nearly free and low cost site hosting and we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the hosting options.

Remember - no matter which host you select for your site, if you have not created a blog or site in the past, you could learn how to do it on your own, but if it is not a task you will keep doing regularly, then you should pay people or hire a website consultant. It can cost more but you will take too long figuring it out yourself. Many web designers can set up a Drupal CMS site in under one hour when you just are looking for the very basics.

Low cost hosting may have some outages. However, when you only have a low volume website and normal traffic level, there is no reason to ignore this inexpensive hosting option. Just don't forget you should make sure you do a backup of your website because these hosting businesses are probably not doing backups for you.

Cheaper Domains - It is important to understand that registering a domain name can vary in price, based on where you register the domain name. I use a lower cost registrar for website domains called Outstanda Hosting. True they do more than just hosting, but I often select the hosting packages at BlueHost. Bluehost charges more for domain registration though. So if you are skilled at pointing domains in one registrar to servers on other servers, this is the cheapest way to do it. You just set up the domain name server to the Bluehost Name Server and it will be easy.

Host 10 Free Sites - Dot Easy Hosting - I had a person from this company email me about free hosting and the opportunity seems like it could help some people. You can do up to 10 sites for free on their site - which is a great offer. One of the ways they generate revenue is in the higher charging more to register your domain. If you do not plan to exceed ten websites any time soon, this might be the top hosting company for you.

Cheap Hosting - Bluehost - My sites have been hosted by Bluehost for a long time and the cheap cost of hosting all your sites is a bargain. Of course, Bluehost has the an occasional outage. But they have had good support and solved issues when appropriate.

These are just a sample of hosting service providers. You should to look around at hosting packages and the look at details. Some hosting programs offer you a nearly free 10 page website, but these are often just to get you set up in their system and you will need to expand at some point. Take some time to figure out what your needs are and choose the closest matching website hosting package that matches your needs.