Thursday, November 13, 2008

iLearning Global

If you are interested in really creative ways to market a product, you should take a look at iLearning Global.

It is an MLM - which initially turned me off. However, it is a really exceptional structure because it rewards people for recruiting only 5 people and then really helping those 5 build their 5.

Still, I did not join right away because of the stigma around MLM companies. However, what won me over is the quality of the product - just look at all the world class trainers involved. I would pay for the training access even if there was no MLM involved.

Read my iLearning Global Q&A

I am going to take this seriously. Sure, I feel a bit dirty being associated with ANYTHING that is MLM, but I am looking at it as a way to help people be more successful and really it is nothing more than a clever affiliate program.

Marketing Lesson

Here is a big marketing lesson. If you create a really high end product with big name people involved, you can convince people to sell it fairly easily. And the people that I am teaming up with are really taking this thing seriously. They are meeting regularly, producing marketing material, strategically working together and all trying to help each other make a lot of money.

Creating buzz is all about creating advocates. And this thing is building a strong group of highly talented advocates very quickly. Getting in early and with a strong group is going to be critical to someone's success with it.

If you want to work with me on it, click here and consider joining if it is a good fit for you.