Thursday, December 14, 2006

Best Marketing Blogs You Have Not Heard Of

For the obvious reason, I am posting this entire post from the new Buzzoodle Blog over here as well.

A Marekting Blog Called the Viral Garden is leading the charge of listing the top 25 marketing blogs. And another more interesting charge, the notable z-listers. I moved from a Blogspot blog to this Word Press blog a while back and I knew it would hurt my traffic. I accepted it and got on with life. Thus, I am more a z-lister now than before.

The cool thing the viral garden is doing is asking people to put up his list of notable z-list blogs on your blog, if you have one. Just copy and paste. Blogs are given rank by traffic and by links to the blog. I love this viral, grass roots effort to help people find good blogs that have less buzz at this point. I love it more because I am on the list. Here it is.

Nice idea and I am looking forward to visiting all these blogs. PS: Mike at Converstations is the one responsible for getting me on the list and I own him a big thanks. He has some excellent articles over there as well, that fit perfectly with what I write about.